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Seven Alpha Card Not Found - Deep Layer Inc. provides secure private key infrastructure access to protected online services.

August 2020 Event Center

Current Shows

Acid Squirrel

Acid Squirrel is a little psychopath that talks like an angry sailor on leave, hunting his enemies in the sneakiest ways imaginable (because there is no squirrel in team).
Program: [comedy, stand-up, gaming humor]

IP7A Protectorate Basics

Discussing politics and fundamental legal theory behind the terms of service and arbitration rules of the Internet Protectorate System hosted in Oklahoma.


Tactics for Solo Players
(per Miyamoto Musashi's philosophy of "The Path of Aloneness", Dokkōdō)
"Learn to Fight Alone"
Program: [theology, gaming humor]


Programming for visualization in advanced user experiences and environmental rendering used in the Seven-Alpha and similar API cloud models of private augmented reality software.
Program: [industry, gaming, hop-based]

Anime Fandom Hour

Fans of Captain Harlock, Classic 70s and 80s anime, and modern OVA content meet-up and chat.
Program: [fandom, non-commercial, mature-audiences]

Future Pen

Illustration fans working on content like Mobius, Peter Eastman, and early pen and ink artists.

Classic Horror Gaming

Replays of horror games and Lovecraft-themed products like Darkest Dungeon, Bioshock, and supernatural horror.
Programs: [comedy, stand-up, gaming humor]

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