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Deep Layer Inc.

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Media Center: Press Releases

Articles regarding the November 2021 to February 5th 2023 extortion and harassment by employees of Texas, Wyoming, Colorado, California, Michigan, and Canadian firms engaged in taking and concealment of a child to overcome this company in December 2021-2022 threats. Resulting in a country-wide ban against China, Japan, Canada, and specific States hosting hate-speech services on U.S. Internet Exchange (IX) data centers in a pattern of violent threats.

Regional Suspension is due to organized Interstate threats to conceal and abuse a child and April 2022 to February 2023 specific threats toward the grandparents of that child for blackmail and to extort, based on race and skin color in The Chickasaw Nation Reservation and defamation to conceal FORCED ADOPTION AND SALE OF NEWBORN CHILDREN in two specific cases, sustained in regional fraud and suspending due process to impose human trafficking activity under color of abuse of United States Federal 5 U.S. Code Section 101 Agency authority in THE CHICKASAW NATION RESERVATION.

State of Wyoming (USA) and State of Colorado (USA) have been added to NO-SERVICE listings: due to the actions of FRANTECH.CA and by / company abuse, threats, and claims of false identity in sexual harassment then documented in January 2023 and February 2023 ongoing thrats. Alleging in such claims Denver Colorado assets of Cogent Communications (ATLAS.COGENTCO.COM) and 2323 Bryan St Suite 700 Dallas Texas as hosting for these threats from Reykjavik (ICELAND) competitors. COGENT COMMUNICATIONS INC. is the provider of NETFLIX.COM services. NETFLIX.COM will be deemed liable for this unfair business practice by their supply chain provider, documented February 28th 2023 in new discovery, by this firm.

As a witness died March 2nd 2022, and a second witness died in a house fire December 25th 2022, during such threats both before and after each death paired with identity theft of the deceased and to discredit surviving witnesses and to incite violence and false arrest against surviving witnesses:

This matter has been submitted as a formal criminal complaint and in identity theft with racial extremist child abuse and child taking behavior to extort funds over $70,000 USD sought in an October 5 2022 letter to two elderly persons incorporating threat to their real estate and Feb 5 2023 in threat of a fraudulent filing of a civil suit to carry out such prior extortion letter - and prior pattern of property damage to U.S. property interfering in an Interstate court case (2015-2020) and new case (2017-2023) deemed double jeopardy to abduct the elderly couple's grandchild from a JOINT MANAGING CONSERVATOR in violation of ORDERED POSSESSION of a child.

Regional Bans are therefore LAWFUL and WHOLLY JUSTIFIED for the safety of persons targeted in this activity in November 14 2021 to February 5 2023 pattern of crimianl activity to defraud the public, incorporating written threats and acts of felony stalking activity of victims, family members, and persons solely for association with victims and this business - in Interstate felony fraud and FALSE LEGAL NAME to carry out IDENTITY THEFT on abduction and concealment of a child, to expressly overcome this firm in a legal sham (a felony activity de facto), contrary Title 21 Section 21-8 Oklahoma Criminal Code, evident as anti-Native-American racism from United States and Canadian employees of NTT Communications and Cogent Communications Incorporated.

Ongoing (2023 Feb) discovery suggests these parties may be provider/contracors for a competitive streaming service (NETFLIX), and that remains to be determined and what influence such client relationship may afford in ongoing threats by Dallas TX and Denver CO network operators allegedly resident in Casper Wyoming and Cheyenne Wyoming, working for City of Fort Collins per letters of extortion made February 4th 2023 to our office.

Seven Owl Service Package:

$40/month for 7 major Oni Fukurou Channels

Terms and conditions apply. Schedules are estiamted times for broadcast. Refunds are limited to 1 month.

Programming Sample:

    Combat Arms Network Show

    War Room Media

    Central Strategic Command News

    Military News

    Comedysan Channel

    Retro Gaming

    Comedysan Channel

    Protected Speech Stand Up

    Geo Political Science Program

    National Perspectives

    Salon de Technologique

    Upcoming PC Technology


Rhonin Service Portal

Rhonin Fortress Community Members receive special offers, benefits, and event notices for group activity via select-lists and peer-hunt-groups for gaming in live event play. Membership is conditional to terms and conditions, including onling conduct and ethics policies.

Limited to United States Citizens in the Continental United States.
Excludes Texas, Wyoming and Colorado Residents.

Full Year Media Subscription:

$429.00 USD Annual ZLI.ZLAYER.COM Access

Monthly Media Subscription

$59.00/month ZLI.ZLAYER.COM Access

What is Deep Layer

DEEP LAYER INC. manages specialist audience for realisic war settings and information for mature users.

Our broadcasters strive for content suitable for military veterans and 1950s science fiction fans.

We focus on performer and product sponsorship in high income luxury market products.

Deep Layer is a leader in Responsible Technical Broadcast (RTB) community policy.

Immature censorship for general audiences limit certain topics unfairly.

AM24 Age Restrictions Apply

"Adult Media Content-Grade 24 Years" (AM24) ensures professional and academic audiences in a diverse global culture.

Age restrictions are based on the nature of combat arms and obligations at law to any disclosure and strong identity terms.

AM24 ensures that presenters do not feel pressure to limit content solely for general audiences or COPPA concerns.

AM24 ensures that young audiences do not internalize fictional content or satire as a conflict-resolution baseline.

The United States has ruled all content upon the Internet is suited to age of majority by design, without waiver.

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