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Deep Layer Inc.

PKCS12 Certificate Not Found - Deep Layer Inc. provides secure private key infrastructure access to protected online services.

Due to the activity to interfere with customers in Oklahoma and Texas by 2323 Bryan St Dallas Texas subcontractors threats, new and renewing subscription are hearby limited to registered SEVEN ALPHA users in qualified regions exclusively.

Without a SEVEN ALPHA key, access to services will be limited to public audiences content (PAC) only, suited for all audiences and young children. Racist threats against multi-ethnic members of our staff have prompted this and fee increases for non-registered members in violation of Oklahoma Constitution Article XXIII section XXIII-1A.

Discounted membership for registered members and VIP access will continue, exclusive of public offers and to select audiences. Texas racism for Chinese and Japanese companies aimed at half-asians and african ethnic groups will not be tolerated at this community, as well as hate crime threats and false employment claims against Native American and Chickasaw members. Membership is free to all registered Tribe members not legally resident in Texas, California, and Michigan. All members of The People are welcome, per the terms and conditions of our franchise under The Enabling of Statehood Act of 1906 and The ratification of the Constitution of the State of Oklahoma by the Congress of the United States in 1907 made Supreme Law in Oklahoma Constitution Article I section I-1 a duty of incorporation and termination clause for the Federal Union on breach, duly passed. An assault on those inalienable and inherent rights (Oklahoma Constitution, Article II) are therefore an assault on the United States incorporation and continuation of the Federal Union, and high treason on prima facie, subject immediate resistance by its commissioned officers.

Employees and employees of Affiliate stations of NPR are banned due to KEIF-LP and Plano Community Radio promotion of anti-Native and racist claims in genocide in 2001-2022. Our broadcasters do not appreciate the "Stolen Valon" claims against Oklahoma National Guard and United States Military Police in abuse of children in State of Texas, California, Florida, Michigan, Iceland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Germany, and other ports of call for NTT GROUP. All such claims are fraud against United States Armed Service Members in Human Trafficking organized by foreign sovereign optical telecom unregistered foreign agents targeting NORTEL NETWORKS in 2001-2022 on behalf of Huawei and Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Group.

Pro CCP Chinese and Japanese Nationals are further banned de facto all service due to threats resulting in death of persons in 2022 and serious bodily harm in violation of 18 U.S. Code section 241 and 249 themed Federal Fraud 18 U.S. Code section 666 and 1341 against persons in the Native American Territory, an independent homestead of the American People. Residents of NATION OF JAPAN, PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA, and THE REPUBLIC OF CHINA (TAIWAN) AND HONG KONG must apply for membership prior purchase. These acts in violation of "THE UNIVERSAL DECLARATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS" and "THE CONVENTION ON THE PREVENTION AND PUNISHMENT OF THE CRIME OF GENOCIDE" marks those who aid in such acts and plan them as traitors to the American People and enemy combatants of the human race.

The day those animals lied to a child to conceal their sodomy and sexual deviance, those nations aiding this lost all rights under the Berne Convention and Wassenaar Arrangement, and all legal claim to anything of title before the victims of that violent fraud, and ceased to be a human beings. May any city that shelter such violence receive a second sunrise that burns like the morning star, and the names of their line be burned from the Book of Life by the Hand of God, to the last child and seed and breath of their people as a whole. For the wage of genocide is genocide. The judgment is their own claim returned seven fold, even if it should burn a third of the stars and sea and land. Let there be a war - and may it be holy. There can be no peace with child abusers. The injury to one, is an injury to all. Let them pay the price racism requires against their entire creed and country.

This is a condemnation not upon race, but upon peoples and nations who aid in racism against the innocent. Let there be war - and may it be just and to the end of such socialist dreams and excuses used to draw even a single tear from a single child. It is their lie that suggest hatred of evil is evil. Hatred of child abusers and kidnappers, rapists, and deceivers of children is lawful, and their claims against the root of the law as if to kill the Tree of Life from which that book were written in the heart of each Child. Let them know something comes for their crimes, and no nation or claim shall rest its thirst and bloody will - Mashallah Tabarakallah - The Word for Love is War in Such Offense.

Deep Layer Inc. is a company founded by American Warfighters, soldiers whose families stormed the camps of the last ethno-fascist movement based on G.W.F. Hegel and his satanic "Elements of the Philosophy of Right" which directly inspired Karl Marx and Joseph Stalin as well as Adolph Hitler and half of Europe to Murder 6 million people. Every nation considered joining that ethnic eugenics movement - but one. American Warfighters said to that, simply, "FUCK YOU". They said it in Bella Wood, in the Pocket, in the face of racism and hopeless odds, across the sky with the Poles above Dover in the Dark, and in Bastone - and again - in 2001 August to today - "Fuck You" traitor. The Human Race Stands - not for utility of a person for their rights - but for that tear on a child's face and the color of their skin not a damned thing to do with it. Their God sees only that tear, which is the same on every child's cheek, and rises to fight. For one. It takes no more. It requires not a damned thing but that, written in the heart of a child, to grip the sword and rise. For any One, come All against that evil to the very last. For you were outnumbered by one the moment that tear swelled forth - a prayer for Death to come against that false authority with all the force of total remedy - whatever the cost. Old Nazis, New Nazis, Asian Nazis, Germany Nazis, Swedish Nazis, Iceland Nazis, Texas Nazis, California Nazis... the end is the same.

They asked for War. God willing, they will have it. Death to socialism, the cult of the child, and idolotry that sells the soul of one for many. All are condemned upon the first tear of a single child consumed by this New Nationalist Fraud.

These people would take and sell your children for dross. For such a child, war is the only peace for their abusers. As-salamu alaykum. Norway and China, aided by Japan telecommunications employees and contractors in the United States and Texas and California, have destroyed all confidence in those countries as more than neo-nazi safe-havens targeting youth through Uber-like gig work video and streaming services, based in Texas and California, celebrated in Copenhagen and Amsterdam and promoting sex-workers cross marketing toward children. These abuses are the reason DEEP LAYER INC. elected to separate itself in November 2021 from other platforms and to launch a registered age-based-platform for Native American Territory and former State of Oklahoma regions targeted by Japanese and Chinese fraud. (see: Political unrest in Scandinavia, and radicalized 'progressive' racist movements there gaining momentum; and forced return to deport refugees). The Minority Socialist Democratic Party of Denmark differ in no way from the prior nazi utilitarian states incompetent economic policies and in-consideration slave welfare states.

For Syrians, this is already a concentration camp in Denmark, as is the tone uttered by 2323 Bryan St Dallas Texas extortion letters sent to our office in July 2022. The role Swedish Democracts have in this new White Reich is evident and clear in media in the United States today and refusal to prosecute white criminals engaged in child trafficking of Native American and mixed-race victims in former Oklahoma. Even now Sweden blames Islam for its social problems and Swedish Democrats hate crime activity versus Native americans via Dallas and Michigan and California extremist industries seeking monopoly in the optical telecom industry. We will not tolerate as a national policy this directive of HATE CRIME activity by Swedish and Icelandic contractors at 2323 Bryan Street and other EQUINIX, DIGITAL REALTY TRUST INC., and COGENT COMMUNICATIONS (NTT GROUP) labor unions known to us as DEPREF and LOSTSERVER, now involved in child taking and concealment to extort Native American Territory residents.

We have traced the threats to DEPREF.NET in ICELAND, and COGENT in COPENHAGEN and AMSTERDAM centers (now claiming Denver Colorado - and incorrect region code for this fraudulently). Sweden and Denmark and Iceland are therefore TERMINATED from service by DEEP LAYER INC, due to this ongoing NAZI HATE SPEECH in November 2021 to July 2022 by EQUINIX, DIGITAL REALTY TRUST INC., COGENT COMMUNICATIONS, and their nexus in Copenhagen and Amsterdam linked to the death of Dr. Ann Klepper and human trafficking of Chickasaw Territory missing children named in those fraudulent employment and death threats against Oklahoma Residents since 2001. What Sweden has become is clearly their own hatred of other races and religions exposed by ordinary crime - completely disconnected from the reality of war and Sweden's war profiteering arms industry. The celebrations of burning and blaming others are evident as the burning smoke over the last Reich, as is the apparent renewed AXIS BEHAVIOR by White Supremacists and Asian National Socialists in the prior Holocaust grounds for a new series of sanctions by responsible broadcasting firms. Countries who falsely extended protection from war for labor are simply slave traders, nothing more. Those nations are now exporting the infirm and bartering their children for the fraud of the welfare state. In concert with a series of 2001-2022 threats and 2021-2022 renewed threats to extort, blackmail, and terrorize elders in the community causing death and disability and spoliation of estate, we will not provide service to any person in:

  • Sweden
  • Norway
  • Iceland
  • Denmark
  • The Netherlands
  • People's Republic of China
  • Nation of Japan
  • Specific regions of the United States:
    • State of Texas
    • State of California
    • State of Michigan
  • or other point of presence of NTT Communications Inc.
    or Cogent Communications Inc. facilities are discovered in nexus.
Japanese Racism and Texas Nationalist White Supremacy have no place in our community or the future of a civilized country.

2022 Aug 11th 5:00 pm CDT
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